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Essager KS wireless bluetooth lamp selfie stick

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Color: Black

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✔ Hidden tripod, integrated storage, easy to carry, detachable phone clip, mobile remote control

✔ There are three modes of warm light, cold light, and cold warm light, with six gears. (The filling effect of the three modes needs to be illustrated in pictures) Multiple purposes such as selfie and live streaming

✔ Stainless steel telescopic rod, seven section telescopic length of 70cm

✔ Detachable phone clip for viewing shooting effects, answering phone calls, replying to messages, easy removal and installation; The phone clip has a support function, (the phone clip can only be removed when it forms a 90 ° angle with the Selfie stick)

✔ Removable remote control, universal CR2032 battery

✔ Bluetooth connection, Bluetooth name: Selfie, compatible with Android system (version 4.4 or above) and iOS system (version 5.1 or above)

✔ Multiple shooting modes (Selfie stick mode, tripod mode, bracket mode)

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